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Can 20m piglets be wrong?

No, healthy and tasty feed that ensures high feed consumption and a good health status in the critical period after weaning is virtually priceless.
AlphaSoy® is soy protein, which is enriched with enzymes and has undergone a gentle four step process with heat treatment and mechanical manufacture. Hereby the harmful matters in the soy protein are reduced and the digestibility significantly increased.


  • is a tasty, dust free granulate
  • has a high protein digestibility
  • has a high energy content utilized by the animals

AlphaSoy® has satisfied users in more than 25 countries all over the world, so if you are in need of a healthy and tasty feed protein for your weanling piglets, try AlphaSoy® today!

Contact us for specifications and advises on how to optimize your feeding. Below you find specifications on our AlphaSoy® products range:

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Sow milk replacers

We cannot compete with the sow´s and the cow´s own milk but we have the best alternative!

As the only Danish producer of milk replacers we offer own produced top quality milk products, both milk replacers and milk powder for mixing in the feed.
Tasty milk improves the feed intake - just one of the advantages you experience with DanMilk.

  • Danish milk powder added with top quality raw materials
  • Products that has high milk content. None or very low content of alternative feedstuff
  • Research and trials carried out together with leading consultants, which ensures highly professional expertise
  • Focus on vitamins and minerals in the right amount – especially natural Vitamin E
  • The best way to bring up the little ones
  • Composed of the world´s best raw materials
  • Competitive pricing
  • Milk that is so close to nature as possible
  • Continuously development that ensures the best possible quality

Contact us today for advice and instructions in which DanMilk mixture that optimize your feeding and the growth of your animals.

Below you find our DanMilk product range:

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Feed milk

Som den eneste danske producent af mælkeerstatning tilbyder vi eget produceret topkvalitets mælk.
Det du ser her er vores udvalg af mælkepulver, som er beregnet til at tilsætte dit foder. Det er med til at give dine grise en øget ædelyst, samt øger tilvæksten og sundheden.
God mælk forbedrer nemlig foderindtaget – bare en af de fordele du kan opleve med DanMilk.

  • Dansk mælkepulver tilsat top kvalitetsråvarer
  • Produkter der indeholder meget mælk. Ingen eller meget lavt indhold af alternative foderstoffer
  • Forskning og forsøg sammen med ledende konsulenter som sikrer høj faglig ekspertise
  • Fokus på vitaminer og mineraler i denne rette dosis – især E-vitamin
  • Den bedste opvækst til de små
  • Sammensat af verdens bedste råvarer
  • Konkurrencedygtig pris
  • Mælk der ligger så tæt på af naturens egen som muligt
  • Konstant udvikling der sikrer at du får den bedst mulige kvalitet

Kontakt os gerne i dag for råd og vejledning omkring hvilken DanMilk blanding der bedst muligt optimerer din fodring og dyrenes vækst.

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Less antibiotics with the best acid in the market!

At Agro Korn we have made it easy to use acids. Regardless if you are HACCP certificated or not, we have an acid that gives you savings on the antibiotics and your animals a good health.

There is over 1000 milliard microorganisms in 1 liter liquid feed. They eat nutrients – especially amino acids. The warmer temperature – the more they grow. Their growth is minimized while using acid.

Trails with piglets show that the growth increases with up to 10% and the feed usage lowers by 3%. It easily pays back the investment in acid.

Use our acids because:

  • Our products has the highest content of acids in the market (85-88%)
  • It lowers pH in the feed, water and the stomach
  • It prevents problems with salmonella and E-coli
  • It gives higher growth and lower feed use
  • It is the cheapest insurance against feed related problems
  • It reduces the need for use of antibiotics
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A reliable supply of vitamin E is important for an efficient and healthy production.
Vitamin E is important for the immune systeme and reproduction and at the same time works as antioxidants, which protects the cells in the body. The body is unable to produce vitamins, and therefore supply of vitamin E is essential.

Usually synthetically produced vitamin E is added to the feed. However a large number of trials all show the same; namely that young and sensitive animals are unable to absorb the synthetically produced vitamin E, but only the natural vitamin E. At the same time it shows, that natural vitamin E is absorbed 2-4 times better than the synthetic.

Use natural vitamin E:

  • for piglets, calves - it is essential for the animals, and they are unable to absorb the synthtic vitamin E
  • in periods where the animals need to perform extra; e.g. mating, birth and suckling period
  • when you wish to ensure the animals an optimal vitamin E status

At Agro Korn we have worked with natural vitamin E since 2001. We purchase the concentrated natural vitamin E, analyse it to ensure the quality and mix to dry and liquid vitamin products - ready to use.

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Drinking Iron

What does it mean for the piglet´s health when using our drinking iron?

Piglet Boozt gives the piglet top health before weaning. It reduces risk of stomach ache and supplies zink which is an important part of the immune system. Furthermore it closes the "hole" in the iron supplement in the transition from sow milk to full feed.

Piglet Boozt has a great taste and smell that the piglets love. Drinking iron is easy to dose directly in the drinking water - which is a time saver for you.

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Premium Wean – the best weaning mixture for piglets.

Our weaning feed is full of good raw materials and has a competitive price.

With Premium Wean you get a simple and easy feeding in one mixture.  Premium Wean consists of extruded wheat and 4 different protein sources. The protein source comes from milk powder,  soy protein concentrate and from potato protein contentrate. With a milk content at 20% the mixture is very tasty.

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