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As a pig feed producer it is our passion to obtain most value from the pig feeding

It is our passion to ensure growth and health for the animals. This is the key to your success.

You find a wide selection of special feed materials such as potato protein, corn gluten and milk powder in our product range. We also offer:

  • AlphaSoy® PIG soy concentrate
  • Concentrates and vitamin- and mineral premixes both for feed industry and farming
  • Sow milk replacers, acidifiers and vitamin supplements

The composition of the feed is the alpha and omega, and our feeding experts are glad to help with guidance and direction for the precise composition that ensures the health and welfare of the animals and give you most value. If you wish to get your money's worth then let us help you to develop and optimize the feed. The choice is yours.

Contact us already today for guidance and direction. We also gladly inform you about the nearest distributor.

Contact us at +45 9717 3300 or via ordre@agrokorn.dk

Together we can put together exactly the feed that make your animals thrive and grow.

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/ Proteins

Give your piglets a good start with proteins from Agro Korn

Proteins are the "building blocks of the body".

Proteins are er composed of amino acids, and it is extremely important for health and welfare that you make sure to give the animals amino acids in the correct proportions and in the right amounts. If there is an imbalance in the allocation of amino acids, it can very quickly cost valuable growth and feed efficiency.

Are you looking for the perfect protein feed for the piglets, you must try AlphaSoy® PIG. 20m pigs have already tried the products, and they are not mistaken.

You can also buy other protein sources from Agro Korn and if you seek advice about the optimal composition we are always ready with guidance.

/ Milk replacer and milk powder

We cannot compete with the sow's own milk...

...but there is seldom enough and then we are able to deliver the second best.

We use good quality human products - like babyfood.

We use many food products, which are downgraded. We analyse thoroughly and compose the right mixes from the analyses  a large. We thereby ensure that we supply you with the wanted quality.

We are happy to produce private label products and to compose the mixes according to your wishes.

Contact us for further information already today. Please also ask for offers and specifications.

See our pig-feed products

/ Vitamins

Vitamins are essential micro nutrients

Vitamins are involved in basically all processes in the body and in the cells of the body

There are 13 essential vitamins that are added to the feed. Where there is deficiency of even one single vitamin, it may result in deficiency diseases such as reduced growth, poor welfare and many other symptoms.

When it comes to high-yielding production animals it is easy to have doubts about the animals' vitamin status, and an extra supplement of vitamins is therefore often experienced to have positive effect.

At Agro Korn we have produced vitamin blends since 1999. Our vitamins come from carefully selected producers, and our product experts are always ready with good advice for every single situation at your farm.

Vitamins are essential micro nutrients involved in basically all processes in the cells of the body.

/ Piglet-feed

Succesful weaning

We are glad to help you to succeed
To ensure success you need to really focus on management and a sublime feed the first weeks after weaning. We are happy to give advice about the first and deliver the latter.

We offer:

  • weaning feed - meal or muesli
  • piglet concentrates for home mixers
  • mineral blends, acidifiers and other raw material

We compose piglet mixes and concentrates from individual wishes and from the challenges in every single livestock.

On our shelves you find all the highly digestible raw materials which in combination with our high technical expertise gives you the best feed. One of our specialities is concentrates often composed from:

  • milk powder and other proteins
  • vitamins and minerals
  • acidifiers, enzymes and natural vitamins

Use the contact form to the right. It is the first step towards a good co-operation and we urge you to test us!