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It is our passion to obtain most value from the pig feeding

We want to ensure growth and health for the animals. This is the key to your success.

+ AlphaSoy - Healthy protein source

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+ Acidifiers and supplement feed

The composition of the feed is the alpha and omega. Our feeding experts are glad to help with guidance and direction for the precise composition. We want to ensure the health and welfare of the animals and give you the best value. If you wish to get your money's worth then let us help you to develop and optimize the feed. The choice is yours.

Contact us already today for free guidance and direction. We also gladly inform you about the nearest distributor.

Jonas W├╝rtz, Go-gris I/S



Antibiotic free systems!

Today as modern piglet producers and feed manufacturers we’re tasked with the challenge of maintaining good piglet gut health whilst also driving feed intake and body weight gain. But in new antibiotic free systems this is not always so simple.

At Agro Korn we’ve been working for the past 2 years with our parent AB Agri on a series of complex studies to building our knowledge of the functional role of soya protein in piglet diets so that we could design a product that achieves both good health and great performance.

In our collective studies we discovered:

| High protein content in an SPC does not resulting in better performance

| Long-held belief that ANF’s are ALL BAD may not be entirely true, recent
   studies into the role of SB Oligosaccharides suggest they may act as a Prebiotic.

| Fibre structure of SBM can be altered during processing to improve its functionality

| Fermentable carbohydrates in SBM can have a detrimental effect on piglet
  gut health if not managed.  

| A combination of enzymatic and gentle thermos mechanical treatment of soy
  seems to produce the best quality protein for piglets.

As a result of our findings we’ve been able to design the perfect piglet feed for antibiotic free systems.


Milk replacer and milk powder

We can not compete with the sow's on milk...

...but there is seldom enough and then we are able to deliver the second best.
We always use the best quality raw materials the market has to offer.

To secure the best milk on the market we analyse thoroughly and compose the right mixes. This is how we ensure that we always deliver the best quality products.

If you are looking for a certent mix to optimize your feeding please contact us for help with your receipe.                             

Contact us for further information already today. Please also ask for offers and specifications.


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Antibiotic reduction

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Successful weaning

We are glad to help you to succeed. To ensure success you need to really focus on management and a sublime feed the first weeks after weaning. We are happy to give advice about the first and deliver the latter.

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