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It is highly important that the calf has a good and healthy start to be able to yield the utmost later in life

Make sure the calfs get the right start with our top quality products.
We offer milk replacers, additives, acids and minerals.

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Please contact us for advice and guidance on how to optimize feeding.

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Together we can put together exactly the feed that make your animals thrive and grow.

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/ Cattle minerals

We offer to produce cattle minerals and feed supplements with a high level of professional and technical expertise

In our flexible and fast production plant there are many possibilities. We gladly help with the composition and use only raw materials of the highest quality.

Our products are sold solely through distributors. Call +45 97 17 33 00 and find out who is nearest to you.

You are also welcome to contact our expert in cattle feeding Rikke Grohnheit Ahle for further information.

/ Milk replacer

Danish produced top-quality calf milk replacer

As the only Danish producer or calf milk replacers we offer a product range, which can satisfy even the most picky calf. Part of the secret is that we use only top-quality raw materials, which are analysed before the composition of the DanMilk®-products.

Agro Korn works closely together with leading consultants and calf producers, which ensures a highly professional expertise for the benefit of the animals. Among others this har entailed that the DanMilk®-products are "super-vitaminised" and have high contents of vitamins, i.a. natural vitamin E.

Try DanMilk® for your calves and experience the difference.

/ Documentation

Well-documented results on our products is a must, and we always strive towards delivering the best products in order to obtain the best results for you

Over the years, we have extended the co-operation with both customers, suppliers and research groups at the universities to create these results. The documentation appears with analyses and trials e.g. in our own laboratory.

The best documentation is however always the feedback we receive from our customers from the success, the results and experience they have obtained in the stables!

Our priority is quality and security, that is why Agro Korn is GMP+ certified

/ Vitamins

Vitamins are essential micro nutrients

Vitamins are involved in basically all processes in the body and in the cells of the body

There are 13 essential vitamins that are added to the feed. Where there is deficiency of even one single vitamin, it may result in deficiency diseases such as reduced growth, poor welfare and many other symptoms.

When it comes to high-yielding production animals it is easy to have doubts about the animals' vitamin status, and an extra supplement of vitamins is therefore often experienced to have positive effect.

At Agro Korn we have produced vitamin blends since 1999. Our vitamins come from carefully selected producers, and our product experts are always ready with good advice for every single situation at any production.