Why are DanMilk the best?

The secret is that we use only top-quality raw materials

DanMilk is milk replacers and feeding milk. The only Danish produced milk on the market.
The super quality gives the piglets a good start, healthy growth and a curly tail.
DanMilk is produced in Denmark, has great solubility and it is easy to handle. It has a high content of natural Vitamin E.
Most important is the fantastic taste and odor that the piglets love.

We can not compete with the sow's own milk – but we are able to deliver the second best!

DanMilk fit into all pig productions

DanMilk - Supreme (Sowmilk replacer)expand_more

DanMilk Supreme

DanMilk Supreme is our high end and best sow milk replacer for the smallest and youngest piglets. Supreme is specially designed for use in the DanMilk pump'n'grow system, but can be used in all drinking cup systems. It consists of pure milk ingredients and easy soluble fat. Supreme has added vitamins, minerals prebiotics, and probiotics.

DanMilk Supreme has been tested with great results at some of the larges pig productions in Denmark.

The products is best soluble in 35-50 degree hot water, but it can alsp be mixed in cold water.

DanMilk - Gain (Sowmilk replacer)expand_more

DanMilk Gain

DanMilk® Gain is a sow milk replacer used in the most cup systems from day 14 as follow up to DanMilk Newborn. It is made from skim milk, whey, easy digestible vegatable proteins, vegetable starch, and soluble fat. Vitamins minerals, prebiotics, and probiotics are added in the milk replacer.

130-140g DanMilk Gain is dissolved in 45-50° C water before usage

DanMilk - Drinking yoghurt (Sowmilk replacer)expand_more

DanMilk Drinking yoghurt

Our drinking yoghurt is chosen when you want a replacer that do it all and a little more. The product has a thick creamy texture like yoghurt and stays fresh in the drinking cup all day long.

The drinking yoghurt is acidified and contains prebiotics, probiotic culture and has a great taste that the piglets love.

DanMilk - Ideal (Feedmilk)expand_more

DanMilk Ideal

DanMilk Ideal is a feed suplement made from skim milk powder , whey powder, and high quality fat. It contains 18% protein and 18% fat. No vegetable proteins added. We recommend to use 10-20% in the feed or use it as top dress or even diluted in water and fed liquid.

DanMilk Ideal has a fantastic taste that brings the weaning feed for piglets to a new level.