About us

Agro Korn is a global manufacturing company with a passion for innovating, developing and refining quality products for the feed industry

Agro Korn A/S is part of the British AB Agri Ltd. which is leading world wide in supply and development of the Agricultural Industry.
We constantly develop and refine products for high performance breeding stock, to ensure the best well-being of the animals and a healthy economy for the farmer.
That's what we do. Twentyfour-seven. We are proud to be flexible enough to meet the changing needs and demands from the markets. And experienced enough to know what it takes.

Close to the animals

We are a company with a good team of dedicated employees who are motivated by healthy values. We live in a rural area in Denmark - close to our primary stake holders; the animals.

We stay small and keep the co-operation big in order to always stay flexible and strive for a high level of innovation. We collaborate with the University of Copenhagen and numerous European initiatives such as GUDP and Eco-Innovation.

We do this to be able to always deliver the best solutions to our customers.

Develop, refine and high-quality feed additives

We develop, refine and sell high-quality feed additives for a wide variety of customers - ranging from the farmers and pet food industries to feed mills and major global feed distributors.

We support and assist our customers with great professional knowledge within our primary product areas.

However, our core competence is development. We develop, optimize and manufacture a wide range of products for the market.

We give priority to every single customer

We give priority to quality and safety in all phases until delivery and use. Consequently, Agro Korn is also GMP-certified.

Every customer has different needs and demands. That’s why we make individual solutions and give personal advices so we can define the needs in any given production.

At a glance: We give priority to every costumer and set the thrive of the animals first.

Why we do it

The world transforms. Along with transformation follow changes in demand - demands from customers, consumers, society and the environment. Our flexibility enables us to meet these demands.

Added up our ambition is to...

..deliver the best feeding solutions for animals in order to ensure optimal and sustained growth. With consideration for the world. With consideration for our customers.